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Pool Remodeling & Renovation Services Can Give Your Yard a Whole New Feel

If you’re thinking about pool renovation services, you’ll probably want a fresh aesthetic and feel for your backyard. If you choose the correct company, you can update anything from any design, upgrade, or reconfiguration. At Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance, we provide an extensive list of pool remodeling solutions for you to choose from. If you want the advantages that come with pool renovations, think about the following things.

New Pool Designs & Layouts Can Make Your Pool Look Better

If you’ve recently seen a pool that has piqued your interest, you might want to make it similar. This might be as simple as switching the surface of your pool or simply altering the colors you use around it. If you come across a pool that appeals to you, take note of it. Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance can help you with your pool renovation needs.

When you have a pool renovation done, it can provide you with a variety of advantages. The first benefit is that it encourages you and your family to use the pool even more than before. Second, in many situations, your new pool may increase the value of your property. If you plan on selling your home soon, this may help. Finally, it gives your pool a second life by making it safe and secure to use again. Many homeowners hire pool remodeling services to maintain their pools’ safety and warranties.

Contact us for Help

Contact us for Help

Professionally Trained & Licensed Swimming Pool Technicians

Our pool repair professionals are certified and fully licensed to repair or replace any component of your pool’s equipment. We keep up to speed on the most cutting-edge industry technology, repair techniques, and safety measures to ensure that our customers get the best quality service and recommendations possible. If we believe that repairing rather than replacing old equipment is more economically viable, we will go ahead and repair it. We’ll advise you if the expense of a repair or the condition of the old gear makes it necessary to replace it.

Updating Pool Tiles

The tiles that line the bottom of the pool, known as the tile band, may also benefit from replacement. When they become brittle or lose their sparkle, replacing them with new ceramic tiles often makes a big impact on how your pool looks. This is just one swimming pool remodel service we offer for your enjoyment.

Lighting Upgrades

The right lighting in and around your pool can really bring it to life. We know the best energy-efficient LED lights to really highlight the beauty of your pool and landscape for your enjoyment.

Give Your Pool Deck a Face Lift

Another alternative to rejuvenate your pool’s appearance is to replace the deck around it. This may give your pool a fresh new look and provide you with new places to unwind while lounging by the pool. A new swimming pool deck also allows you to entertain more people and make a spot where you feel comfortable. If you want to keep your

Making the Change to a Saltwater Pool

Most people fill their pool with water from the hose and then chlorinate it. When you swim in a pool, your skin becomes irritated, and your eyes turn red because of the fact that you are using chlorinated water. However, if you want a higher-quality chlorine to maintain your pool clean without having these side effects, consider constructing a saltwater pool.

This isn’t the same kind of saltwater you’d find in the sea. It’s a lot less salty (under 10%), but it does provide you with cleaner pool water. Instead of adding chlorine to a saltwater pool, you add salt. This creates a saltwater solution that your pool then filters, just as it would if it were a normal pool. However, the saltwater passes through a salt cell during filtration and receives a very slight electrical current. This creates its own chlorine in the pool, which keeps it clean and sanitary. When you convert to a saltwater pool, the steps are somewhat different, but the procedure is essentially the same. You’ll still need to check your pool once a week. However, instead of testing for chlorine, you will now be checking for pH to balance your salt system.

Other Pool Remodeling Options

There are many ways to update and refresh your swimming pool. Some changes are cosmetic, some are structural, but all of these pool upgrades can make your pool the place you want to be during the hot summer months. Here’s a look at some of the other pool remodeling services.

Pool Coping Options

When you want to make your pool look fresh, consider replacing the coping. The pool’s outside border is known as the coping. It surrounds the pool and is used to grasp onto when sitting at the pool’s edge. It serves as a handhold when sitting at the pool’s edge and surrounds it. It comes in a variety of colors and textures, allowing for safer usage of the pool. Stones, a textured line, and pebbles are some popular options.

family safe, there are several safety decks available. It all comes down to what aesthetic you want to achieve.

If you’re looking for a more natural look, then ask us about landscaping ideas. Many pool owners love to have a lush landscape around their swimming pool to give it the look and feel of a tropic oasis.

Water Features

If you want a waterfall or water feature that’s built into your pool, we have the experience needed to help you out with that too. If you have a budget, we can provide the pool renovation services to fit it. Water features such as waterfalls or fountains can really elevate your pool to the next level. They make it unique and stand out compared to other pools and are a fun addition.

Swimming Pool Equipment Upgrades

If your pool equipment isn’t running as well as it could, if it’s on its way out, or simply if you want something more efficient, we can help. We have experience with all kinds of pool equipment and can help you navigate your choices to steer clear of the gear that breaks down the most. We want to help you create a pool you can enjoy and it’s hard to do that if your equipment isn’t up to par.

When You Want Pool Remodeling Project Done Right, Hire the Right Crew

You can trust the team at Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance to get your pool back in working order. We offer a wide range of services including, pool renovations, pool restoration, hot tub and spa installation and maintenance, pool resurfacing, pressure washing, and repair & pool maintenance. We’ve been repairing pools for years and know how to bring an old pool back to life.

We can return your pool to its former glory or transform it your dream pool. Please contact us with ideas for your project for a free estimate. Then, we can assist you in turning your ideas into the ideal custom pool getaway and outdoor space for you and your family.

Swimming Pool Remodeling and Renovation Design Ideas you can consider

For your pool remodeling project, consider your pool an open canvas on which you can customize to your desires.

Here is a list of things to consider for pool remodeling and or renovations that we can help you with:

New Equipment Installation
• Automated Control
• Automated Equipment
• Automated Pool Cleaners
• Automated Pool Cover
• Automated Systems
• Automatic Water Leveler
• Automation Equipment
• Automation Solutions
• Automation Systems
• Automation Upgrades
• Auxiliary Pumps
• Booster Pumps
• Efficiency Improvements
• Electrical Systems
• Electronic Pool Control
• Equipment Pads
• Exterior Lighting Systems
• Intelligent Pool Control
• Led Swimming Pool Lights
• New Pool Heaters
• Pool Pumps, Motors And Filters
• Pool Skimmers
• Pool Vacuums
• Solar Pool Heater

• Complete Pool Renovations
• Coping Stone
• Custom masonry
• Custom pool covers
• Custom Pool Designs
• Custom Pool Features
• Custom Pool Renovation
• Custom Water Features
• Freeze Guards
• Freeze Protection
• Glass Tile
• Green Pool
• Lighting Systems
• New Pool Plaster
• Plaster Finish
• Plaster Repairs
• Pool Coping
• Pool Lighting & Automation
• Pool Plumbing
• Pool Resurfacing
• Pool Tile Repair & Replacement
• Pool Water Fountains
• Quartz Plaster
• Chlorine To Saltwater Conversions
• Salt System Conversion
• Salt Water Chlorine Generators
• Saltwater Pools
• Stone masonry

Your pool area
• Backyard Landscaping
• Custom Outdoor Kitchen
• Custom Spa
• Deck Designs
• Deck Replacement and Resurfacing
• Pool Deck Remodeling
• Pool Deck Resurfacing
• Gas Fire Feature
• Hardscaping Features
• Hot Tub
• Landscape Lighting
• Outdoor Fire Features
• Outdoor Fire Pits
• Outdoor Fireplace
• Outdoor Living Areas
• Pool Landscape
• Pool Safety Fence
• Pools Tanning Ledge
• Shade Structures

The professionals at Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance can give your pool a beautiful and modern look! Updating your pool will give your backyard an entirely new feel. We work with the best companies in town that offer limitless possibilities.

We can install tile, coping, pool plaster and mastic. Call or e-mail today to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE and CONSULTATION.