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Pool Filters Are an Important Part of Your Pool’s Functionality

When you want your pool to work right and last a long time, having the right pool filters is a very important part of pool maintenance. If you do not filter out anything that does not belong in your pool, it can cause a lot of serious problems. By filtering out chemicals and debris that is in your pool, you help to keep it protected. This lets your pool remain safe to use for a lot longer than pools without the right filtration systems. Here are many things that you need to know about pool filters, how they work, and why they are so important.

Why You Need Pool Filters for Your Pool

No matter whether you have an inground pool or one that is above ground, you need pool filters in place. These systems are there to help keep your pool both clean and safe. The filters catch any debris that happens to fall into your pool, catching it before it reaches your pool pump. Some debris will float across the top of the water of your pool. Any of the heavier debris will sink to the bottom of your pool and get vacuumed up.

Then, when your vacuum scoops it up, it will filter the debris out before redepositing it in the pool. This keeps the water freely flowing to the pump of your pool. Plus, it keeps anything out of the pump that could stop it up and cause it to break. There are different levels of filtration that your pool filters will need to get your pool totally clean. Plus, they work at different rates, cleaning a portion of the water each hour or each day. Knowing what your pool needs is very important when it comes to keeping it safe to use.

Knowing the Proper Filtration Amounts for Your Pool Filters

Your local ordinances will dictate what type of pool filters you need to have. Some areas require you to have a certain amount of water filtered each hour of the day. Other areas require you to have the entire pools’ worth of water filtered during a specific period of time during each 24-hour period. Where you live and your pool will dictate what you specifically need. The determining factors for your pool will include if your pool is above or below the ground, and the total water volume of your pool. Each type and size of pool can have different factors that need to be included.

What Happens if You Do Not Have Proper Pool Filters?

The first thing that happens when you do not have the right pool filters in place is that your pool is going to get dirty. This can be debris floating at the top, things that sink to the bottom, or debris that freely floats in the water. Your pool could still have clear water with things at the top or bottom, or you pool could turn brown or green from the debris.

While this is often unsightly, discoloration is not always a major problem. It is the pieces of debris floating in your pool that you want to remove initially. If these do not get removed properly, they can go down the hoses to your pool’s pump. They can then clog and break the pump, making your pool totally unsafe.

You also need to make sure that your pool filters are taking out the chemicals that may make your pool unsafe. Spikes in any of your pool chemicals could make the water dangerous to use. This is why you need to test the chemical levels of your water. Pool filters can help remove excess algae, chlorine, or alkalinity in the water. Each chemical in your pool needs to be carefully monitored. If any of them get out of safe ranges, adjustments need to be made before the pool is safe for people to swim in.

Professionals Can Help Maintain Your Pool Filters

Keeping a close eye on your pool filters is important. They need to be cleaned out on a regular basis. Both the pool filters inside your skimmers, and the pool filters that come from the bottom drain of your pool need regular clearing. Otherwise, the filter will build up with debris, and the water will not flow through the filter properly. As the debris begins to break down, it can also affect the chemical levels of the pool itself. You should ideally be emptying the pool filters each day. This allows your pool to remain clean and the chemicals to maintain their balance.

If you are unable to maintain your pool, there are professionals out there that can do it for you. Here at Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance, we can help. Not only can we come out and maintain your pool filters, we can also help if we notice any signs of a problem. Because we know every aspect of pool care and maintenance, we can notice problems at their earliest points. This means that when a problem is still early on, we can correct it. That keeps it from getting worse, and potentially damaging your pool.

You can call on us to help maintain your pool as a regular service, or you can call on us when you need help now and again. Even if you are going out of town for a week or two, we can help. All you need to do is have us come out before you leave, so we know where you have all of your supplies and how to get on to the property. From there, we can come in and help keep an eye on your pool whenever you need us.

If you need help with your pool, the experts here at Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance are ready and willing to help. We can be reached by calling (214) 995-3556. Let us know how we can help you maintain everything from your pool water levels to your pool filters.

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