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Understanding Pool Resurfacing and How It Could Benefit You

There are many companies out there offering pool resurfacing solutions. However, do you know what that means exactly? Most people have a general idea that it means to resurface the pool. However, they really do not understand the process of why they would need to have it done. If your pool is in need of a facelift in the near future, then you may want to consider resurfacing your pool. It helps your pool not only look new, but stay safe to use for a long time to come.

What Is Pool Resurfacing?

Pool resurfacing is precisely what it sounds like. It involves taking the old plaster surface off of your inground pool, and replacing it with a new surface. This may be replacing it with more plaster, or it could be changing the material you have set as the surface of your pool. You have many options to choose from. You can continue with plaster, which is a solid choice. Plus, you can also opt to change that material to something like pebbles or even stones and tiles. The choice is yours, and will be determined by the ultimate look you want when the pool resurfacing process is complete.

Why Do You Need Regular Pool Resurfacing?

The most important reason to get pool resurfacing done regularly is to help your pool last. Typically, plaster lasts anywhere from 8 years up through about 10 years. That is assuming the plaster has been taken care of during this time. If your pool got run down at any point in time, it could decrease how long your plaster should last. If you go too long without pool resurfacing, chances are, your pool will begin to leak. This may be a slight leak that is relatively easy to fix. Or, it could become a massive leak that leaves you with no water in the bottom of your pool. Neither is a good option, and both can be prevented when you get your pool resurfaced.

As your plaster sits outside, it also becomes pitted. This means that bacteria and algae can get into those pits. The more pitting your pool has, the harder it is to clean and keep balanced. If you notice that these pits are getting darker or larger, you may need to get your pool resurfaced. When you also notice a chalky residue in your pool, this is a sign of plaster breakdown. That is a sure-fire way to know that you need pool resurfacing services in the very near future.

Options You Have for Pool Resurfacing

You have numerous different options when it comes to pool resurfacing. You can opt to go with another plaster finish, or you can create a totally new look. There are pros and cons to each type of surface you consider. The cost and longevity are the two factors most people consider first. Then, they also consider the final look of the pool. You may want to consider the look you want first. Then, you can talk with us here at Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance about how to get that look.

Plaster is Great for Pool Resurfacing

When you want to go with a tried and true staple of pool maintenance, you want plaster. The best look to many is white. This means that we take white cement plus white aggregate, and resurface of the pool with that mixture. The look you get is a pure white base for your pool. Plus, the finish is very smooth, leaving just enough texture to be safe when the pool is being used. This option is very inexpensive, and gives you a great look. You will likely need to have pool resurfacing done again in 8-10 years, but have plenty of time for fun between now and then.

Quartz Is Another Great Option for Pool Resurfacing

If you want a gorgeous pool that looks different than the norm, consider using a quartz aggregate instead. You get the same benefits as the plaster in terms of being smooth, but you get more perks, too. Your pool can be tinted to nearly any color you could want. The aggregate is applied either to the concrete mixture, or to the top of the concrete. It depends on how intense you want the color and look to be. You get many options in terms of color and finish when you turn to quartz. Plus, you also get a very vibrant sparkle coming off of your pool. This lasts longer than plaster in most occasions, so it makes it worth the slightly increased cost.

Pebbles Are an Incredibly Long-Lasting Option for Pool Resurfacing

When your goal is to have a surface at the bottom of your pool that can last for many years, then you want to consider pebbles. It takes time to find the right stones for each pool, but that is the hardest part. You then get pebbles added into the concrete or placed on top, giving each pool a unique quality. No two pools will ever look alike. Since the pebbles are natural, they last an incredibly long time, and often do not require much more than occasional maintenance for decades.

Finding the Pool Resurfacing Experts Just Got Easier

If you want help with pool resurfacing, then you need to make sure you turn to the experts who know how this process works. It is important that you hire people who know how to resurface your pool properly. If you hire the wrong people, the process could end up damaging your pool. This could be costly to repair, or it could render your pool unusable. This means you may need to have your old pool removed, and a totally new one installed. To avoid this, you need to make sure you find experts that have experience with pool resurfacing. Find out what sets us apart here at Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance by reaching out to us today.



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