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It is really important that you maintain proper pool circulation if you want your pool to remain healthy and looking great.

Pool Circulation is Important to a Healthy Pool

The more circulation you have, the cleaner your pool is likely to remain. Circulation moves around the water, plus it helps to move the debris into the filter. Without proper pool circulation, your water can become stagnant and make swimmers sick. Plus, it can also cause debris to build up in your pool, harming the pool itself and the filter. Here are a few things that are very important to know when it comes to circulating the water in your pool.

Why Pool Circulation is So Important

Experts say that the most vital component of pool maintenance is actually pool circulation. This is moving the water around inside your pool. Pools with the right amount and kind of circulation very rarely struggle with issues like water that gets cloudy, or algae blooms. However, this is often the most overlooked component of maintaining your pool.

The best way to ensure that the water in your pool is moving consistently is to run your pump at all times. That means you should run your pump all day, and all night long. Pool pumps should not take a day off for holidays, either. The more your pump runs, the more circulation your pool has.

How Do You Get Proper Pool Circulation?

Proper pool circulation comes from a few different components. First, you have the pump. This moves water around by literally pulling water one direction and causing it to keep flowing through filters. The movement created gets your water filtered and allows it to remain more chemically balanced than water that does not move much.

Second, you have skimming. This breaks the surface of the water, and causes ripples and waves. When you run your skimmer over the pool, you create movement. This helps to circulate your pool water to some degree. It only does a little, but it helps keep your pool cleaner. If you can, you should skim your pool daily, or at least a few times each week. Going a week between skimming can let a lot of your debris begin to break down. That leaves you with a dirty pool that needs more chemicals to stay balanced.

Finally, you have pool vacuums. These go through and keep the debris from piling up in the bottom of your pool. Plus, a pool vacuum also helps keep buildup from occurring on the side of your pool. The more often you vacuum, the cleaner your pool water will remain. Plus, the more often you vacuum, the more movement you create in the pool. This helps with pool circulation, too. Ideally, you want to vacuum your pool at least once each week.

What Happens if Your Pool Is Not Getting Enough Circulation?

The first, and most obvious sign that you do not have enough pool circulation is that you get a dirty pool. This means that your pool may become full of algae, or could become cloudy and milky in appearance. The more dirt accumulates in your pool, the more damage is done to the pool itself and the filter. You need to keep your pool clean to ensure that the filter can effectively clean the water.

Another problem that comes with too little pool circulation is that your pool chemicals will quickly go out of balance. This means you need to put in more chemicals to try and rebalance the pool. You could wind up not being able to use your pool when you wanted to, plus you will end up paying more for chemicals than you would if your pool water was circulated properly. The more circulation you provide, the fewer chemicals you will need to keep your pool safe.

Each time your pool chemicals go out of balance, it can cause damage to your pool. This means that not having proper pool circulation could wind up with your pool getting damaged. The pool filter can fill up and fail to operate, or burn out completely. Your pool may suffer from an algae bloom which could damage your pool tiles or the grout between the tiles. This could lead to leaks or a complete breakdown of your pool. All of these would be expensive to fix. It is much less expensive to maintain proper pool circulation than it is to fix the problems that come from a lack of proper circulation.

Call In the Experts to Ensure Proper Pool Circulation

Do you struggle to maintain proper pool circulation? If so, then you may want to call in professional help to get the job done. By calling in professionals to help maintain your pool, you are much less likely to suffer pool problems. They can come in, clean out your pool, and keep an eye out for any early signs of a problem. By calling in the experienced professionals at Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance, you have a resource that can be there for any type of problem that may come up.

Since they are familiar with every aspect of pool installation and maintenance, they know the early signs of trouble to be on the lookout for. If you go out of town regularly, they can also come and help keep your pool safe, even when you cannot. Trusting the experts helps you know that your pool is safe to use, any time you or your family want to do so. Plus, if they come across any signs of trouble, they can point it out before your pool gets to where it cannot easily be fixed. Trust the experience of the experts, and let them help you with all aspects of maintaining your pool. Pool circulation is only one part of keeping your pool running for years.

When you need help maintaining any aspect of your pool, call the experts here at Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance. We can be reached by calling (214) 995-3556. If you need help getting proper pool circulation, we can help!

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