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Owning a pool not only means that you need to maintain it, but you also need to keep an eye out for when it needs to be repaired. Some repairs can be simple while others require more attention and the help of a professional. Let’s take a look at some of the repairs you may face and when you should be asking, where are there pool repair companies near me?

Common Pool Repair Problems

There are several common pool repair problems that pool owners regularly face.


Leaks can be easy to spot because you’ll notice the water level decreasing. If you have a vinyl liner, and you think the leak is coming from a specific area, you may be able to patch that on your own. But, if you have an in-ground pool and can’t locate the source, you’ll want to call a professional. Ignoring this can turn it into a bigger problem.

Leaking Skimmer

It’s common for there to be some separation on the skimmer faceplate of vinyl pools. Skimmers can also leak through sidewall cracks. Check the skimmer yourself and see if you notice this. If you don’t, but still suspect a leaking skimmer, call a pool repair company.

Pump problems

Pump problems become noticeable when your water isn’t as clean as it should be. When the pool pump starts pulling air into the system, the pump will lose power to move water. When the pump is working, but not moving water, the water isn’t getting filtered the way it should. This results in dirty water and can cause the pump to overheat and even burnout.

Pool filter problems

When you notice the water isn’t getting cleaned as it should check the filter. This is a quick DIY fix that may work. But, if you change the filter and the water still isn’t getting cleaned right, you’ll need to call a pool repair company. A professional will be able to detect the problem and advise you about what needs to be done next. It may just need some routine maintenance that you may have been neglecting, or it can be a sign of a larger problem.

Pool heater problems

The pool heater can malfunction just like the heater in your pool. This is usually never a DIY repair. You’ll likely need a professional to come out and diagnose the problem. If you call a professional, you may be able to get refurbished parts or a completely refurbished system, depending on what needs to be fixed.

Hollow spots & “popping” up in an in-ground pool

When you notice spots in your pool popping up, this is a clear indication that you need a professional. Unfortunately, these are the worst problems you can have. Hollow spots occur when the substrate separates from the pool. The backfill can shift away and leave a section unsupported. You’ll notice divots or bulges when this happens. To fix this problem, the hollow spot needs to be filled in and resurfaced. This can be a costly repair many times.

If you live in an area where the water table is high, hydrostatic pressure can build up beneath your pool. This pressure can be so severe that it can actually force your pool to pop up off the ground. If this sounds bad, it’s because it is. You can assume that it will be more cost-effective to start from scratch rather than fix the problem. If you’re starting from scratch, get a hydrostatic pressure relief valve installed when the pool is installed. This will save you money down the road should this problem surface again.

Finding Pool Repair Companies Near Me to Service My Pool

Although there are several instances where you’ll have to call a pool repair company, you can avoid many repairs altogether by keeping up with your pool maintenance. Having your pool routinely cleaned and looked over by a professional can increase the chances of a problem being detected early, rather than when it’s too late.

Detecting pool problems early can save on repair costs because you’re getting to the problem right away, not down the road when it may spiral into more issues. At Flower Mound Pool Care and Maintenance, we make pool cleaning affordable. We can set up a weekly or biweekly schedule that will bring a professional to your home. This will help you save money in the long run because they’ll be able to spot problems early.

Besides weekly maintenance, you can also count on Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance for the several different types of pool repairs.

  • Filter Repair & Installation
  • Pump Repair & Installation
  • Motor Repair & Installation
  • Heater Repair & Installation
  • Electronic & Manual Control Repairs & Installation
  • Automation Upgrades (Controlling pool functions with smart device)
  • Backwash Valve Repair & Installation
  • Chlorinator Repair & Installation
  • Salt System Repair & Installation
  • Pool Sweep Repair & Replacement
  • Pool Light Repairs
  • Valve Repair & Replacement
  • Equipment Relocation
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Above Ground Plumbing Repairs

When you hire Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance, you can count on having a licensed and professional technician arriving at your home. Our technicians will assess the problem and give you an honest estimate before any work is done.

When you’re looking for pool repair companies near me, hire a reputable company like Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance. Many people trust us with their pool maintenance and repairs and have done so for years. You’ll have the confidence of knowing your pool is being taken care of by a team of experts.

Call Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance today at (214) 995-3556 to learn more about how we can get your pool in great shape and keep it that way.

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