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A pool heater repair service technician

When you have a pool you can go out back on a hot day and cool down. With a pool heater, your pool is now even more enjoyable. Your able to use it during the fall, giving you even more value from your pool. But what happens when the heater breaks, where do you turn and how can you find a pool heater repair service you can trust?

Finding a professional pool repair and services technician is no small decision to make. Small issues with your pool can start small, but left unattended can balloon into a very expensive problem not to mention dangerous.

What is a pool heater?

Owning a pool is a luxury and if you want to take your pool to the next level adding a pool heater can be that step. The perfect pool is not too cold, or too hot it is just right. And you can accomplish this with a pool heater.

When you add a pool heater you amplify the fun factor of your pool. Extending the swimming enjoyment into the later months of the year.

A pool heater will take your pool and make you the master of the temperature. Depending on the time of the year or season you are able to decide the best temperature for a swim.

You can choose between a pool heater or a pool heat pump to heat your pool; these tend to be most used heating solutions available.

How does heating your pool work?

When deciding on having your pool heated, or if you already have a heater, you must consider several questions about your pool, climate and use; in order to make the best choice.

You also want to focus on reliability because pool heating repair can be expensive if you don’t use the correct provider the first time.

At Flower Mound Pool Repair & Maintenance we know that and is why we offer satisfaction guarantees for our pool care and repairs. We get it right the first time.

Pool heaters are the most complex of pool equipment and it’s a good Idea you know a little about how this works.

There are two ways to heat your pool, either with a pool heater, or a pool heat pump. Your pool professional can help you figure out which one is best for you. Whether you should use a heat pump or gas heat.

Using a heat pump will take heat from the outside air and transfer it right into your pool water (very efficient) these pumps are used in high humidity and temperature climates. There are some other reasons you would use this option to heat your pool, but again it’s best to consult a professional on if this would work best for your pool.

Some other factors can be:

Living in an area with lower electricity prices, or if natural gas is not a reliable resource in your area. Gas prices tend to fluctuate, if gas prices are high you might consider this option for heating your pool.

Gas Heat

A gas heater will burn gas to heat your pool and is considered the ideal way to heat your pool. Why? Well because it can heat your pool faster. And if you live an area that has high electricity costs you don’t have to pay more to heat your pool or wait for a longer period of time for it.

This also works well when it’s cold out.

Remember, a heat pump uses outside air to heat your pool. If it’s fall and the air is cold, you will not be doing much swimming because the water in your pool will be cold.

But with a gas pool heater it can be the dead of winter and you will be able to take a nice comfortable dip.

Now that we know the two types of heaters let’s talk about the common repairs you will need to know about so you can notice things quickly and save yourself hundreds if not thousands in repair costs.

The most common pool heater issues

When we talk about pool heater repair there are a few commonalities that you can pay attention too.

It’s also important for us to mention that installation and repair of heaters requires professional knowledge of gas, electrical systems and how they interact with water in order to safely work with these complex devices.

What to look out for:

  • Your pool heater is not igniting or turning on as normal
  • Your pool is not reaching the set temperature that you programmed.
  • Any leaking of water that’s noticeable (large or small) needs to be repaired.
  • The cycling process of your heater is going on and off.
  • Rusting of any kind is a clear indication of needing service or replacement.

The licensed technicians at Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance attend mandatory manufacturer classes that keep us abreast to the latest standards and best practices for servicing pool heaters. We will carefully and accurately diagnose the problem and show you the safest way to proceed in repairing or replacing your heater.

Who to Call for Quality Affordable Pool Heater Repair Service

Owning a pool is great, when you have a heater you enjoy it even more. But with this comes the responsibility to make sure it’s running at its best. By knowing what to pay attention to it allows you to be more aware and will save you money in the long run if you notice issues early on. Plus, if you are looking to install a heater you now are clear on the benefits and differences a heat pump and a gas pool heater.

Please remember, never attempt to repair or service your pool heater on your own. This is a very dangerous thing to attempt. There are safety precautions you must be aware of when dealing with gas, electricity and water. Allow Flower Mound Pool Repair & Maintenance take that burden off your hands and use best practices to keep you safe. With our weekly pool service, we can always make sure things are looking good.

Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance invites you to call us at (214) 995-3556 and let us answer any questions you may have about pool heater repair. We can also assist you with the many other pool services our highly trained and experienced pool service technicians specialize in.


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