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Your swimming pool, much like your home needs regular maintenance and remodeling every once in a while. This could mean simply fixing cracks in pool tile, or a total pool renovation. Either way, Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance is here to help with your swimming pool needs. Our team of professionals provides the best pool remodeling services in Flower Mound. However, before you start dreaming up plans for your pool renovations, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Reasons Many Customers Consider Pool Remodeling Flower Mound Area

While you may simply decide it’s time to look into pool renovations one morning, there’s generally more to it than that. Here’s a look at some common reasons people begin thinking about swimming pool remodeling:

  1. New Features: Whether you want updated tiles, something fun like a new slide or water feature, or even just a new filtration system, the need for new features is a common reason to remodel your pool.
  2. Updating Your Pool Deck: Your swimming pool deck plays a major role in your pool landscape aesthetic. If your deck needs some TLC then it’s also a good time to consider pool renovations. You won’t have access to your pool while you’re updating your deck so using that time to also upgrade your pool and spa is a great way to utilize pool downtime wisely.
  3. Improving Energy Efficiency: As technology develops, we develop more energy efficient ways for lighting, heating, and filtering your pool and spa. These updates can make your pool more affordable in the long run.
  4. Giving Your Pool a Facelift: Over time, chemicals, use, and even the sun can take their toll on your swimming pool. If your pool is starting to look dingy or old, then it’s a good idea to look into pool remodel options. Not only can remodeling your pool bring new life to its appearance, but it can prevent catastrophic problems that can occur after long periods of use.

Some pool owners choose to renovate or renew their pool’s warranty in order to keep it in place. If you’re searching for pool renovation and maintenance services in Flower Mound, TX for any of these reasons, look no further than Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance.

Changing Pool Water is Another Type of Remodeling

Remodeling swimming pools and spas isn’t always about making aesthetic changes to your pool or spa or just adding new features. A remodeling project might also include modifications to the water itself.

Many individuals begin with a chlorine pool but then decide to convert to salt water at a later time. When exposed to chlorine, your skin can become dry and irritated. That’s one of the major reasons why so many people choose saltwater pools.

Although chlorine is still present in a saltwater pool, it is at a lesser proportion and of higher quality than that found in chlorine pools. Rather of depending on tablets and chemicals, it uses its own chlorine to keep the pool clean.

Finally, after you’ve completed the steps outlined above, you may begin to enjoy the benefits of saltwater pools. You’ll still need to test and clean the water on a regular basis. Flower Mound Pool Care and Maintenance can not only assist you in making the switch, but it can also set up a pool cleaning schedule so you may have more time to do other things.

Deck Changes and Pool Renovations

Your pool deck, like the rest of your pool landscape, is a component of your pool environment. A renovation project may also be concerned with this aspect of your pool. If you want to update the appearance of your pool deck, consider these ideas:

  • Pool coping –The coping is the outer edge of your pool that you use to grip when sitting at its edge. There are several different color and pattern options to select from. Stones, textured stripes, and even distinct tile designs are just a few examples of what’s possible.
  • Total pool deck renovation – You may either totally replace your pool deck or just refresh it. The form of the surface, as well as its size, is up to you. A new deck may be safer and provide more area to entertain.

Benefits of Pool Remodeling Flower Mound Area

Regardless of the sort of pool resurfacing or renovation job you pick, you’ll see a lot of advantages. Here are a few examples:

  1. More use –When your pool is in excellent condition, it will be more inviting to you, your friends, and your family.
  2. Adds value to your home –An updated pool will offer greater value than an old one that needs to be repaired.
  3. Safety and security –Pool updates are sometimes required to keep up with warranties. This also aids in the maintenance of your swimming pool, ensuring that it is as safe as possible.

Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance has operated in the Flower Mound, Texas region for the past 14 years, offering expert pool remodels, pool renovation, resurfacing pools, and pool maintenance. We’ve assisted a lot of clients in finding the right sort of pool renovation project to meet their requirements and expectations.


Contact Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance immediately at (214) 995-3556 to learn more about pool renovation in Flower Mound!

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