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Are you tired of cleaning the leaves out of your pool every fall?  Having to keep the pool clean and free from debris is one of the biggest challenges that pool owners face.  Whether it’s above-ground pool that is taken down each year at the end of summer, or an inground pool that is closed down each winter, it’s important to keep the leaves and junk from harming your pool.  Hiring a professional Highland Village Pool Service can make your job much easier so that you can learn to enjoy your pool again.

If you’re tired of spending your afternoon’s outdoors with a pool skimmer or pool rake to get rid of leaves, branches and other debris, the pros are standing by to take care of it for you.  A professional pool service isn’t just skilled at caring for your pool, but they are also trained to get the job done completely and quickly and have access to the best quality tools and supplies to do it.  Not only can they get rid of the leaves for you, but they can also take care of even bigger chores, such as closing the pool for the winter and preparing it for opening once the weather starts to warm up again.  A pool service makes it a pleasure to own a pool – instead of worrying about how to take care of it and how to keep those pesky leaves away from the water, you can sit back and enjoy your pool.

Leaves are especially tough on the surface of your pool and can cause staining and slippery conditions on the bottom and walls of the structure.  They are especially dangerous to your filtration system as well, as leaves and quickly start to gather and muck up your pool’s water system.  To prevent big problems down the road, let the pros keep your pool water free from leaves – it’s an easy solution to a potentially big problem and one that will keep your pool clean and protected from the environment all season long.

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