Pool care or pool service involves five categories of service.
1. Circultation – Moving water is healthy water. All properly maintained pools have a pump that circulates water through a filtration system and back into the pool.
2. Filtration – The filter is continually removing dirt and debris, it’s recommended to clean or backwash your unit regularly to allow for maximum filtration.
3. Cleaning – At least once a week, you should brush your pool’s walls, steps, and floors to remove dirt and debris, and skim the water surface and pool floor to remove leaves and other items. You should also clean out the pump and skimmer baskets and use an automatic pool cleaner — or manually vacuum your pool — every week.
4. Water testing – To help maintain the chemical health of your pool, you should test at least once a week using test kits or test strips.
5. Water balancing and sanitation – The basic chemicals you need to maintain a healthy and safe pool are a primary sanitizer to kill germs, which includes viruses and bacteria; a weekly shock to keep your chlorine working effectively; and a phosphate removal and enzyme product to prevent algae growth and assist your sanitizer. (Remember, chemical doses are based on the gallons of your pool and your water test results.

February 9, 2018

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Pool Algae

Pool Algae

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